Welcome to Broward Bolt! We’re glad you’ve found the leading source for all your construction needs. We continue to welcome new customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations for quality products. We maintain our high standards with excellent customer service, competitive pricing and a staff that has been in the business for years!

There are so many new fasteners and anchoring products on the market right now that offer people a wide range of choices and options. Because of this, we are finding that our customers need our expertise more than ever before. We’re always here to help with fastener applications and guide you in the right direction to get the job done right the first time. We are here to give you our most competitive quotes and when you’re ready….finalize the sale. We always look forward to seeing our customers in person but you may also inquire by phone at 954-960-1740 or fax us your request for quote or your order at 954-960-0328.

Stop by and let our staff at Broward Bolt help you get the products you need at a fair price. We look forward to doing business with you!

Jason Lantz   Pete Hoyt
Jason Lantz - Owner of Broward Bolt Jason is the current owner and President of Broward Bolt. He has worked in and around the fastener industry for many years and was taught the business by the founder of Broward Bolt, Joel Kobelin. Jason is a family-guy at heart and coaches his daughter’s softball team. He is a season ticket holder for the Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins and also loves classic rock music   Pete Hoyt Pete has been at Broward Bolt since 1995 and has worked in the industry for over 22 years. Everybody knows Pete…he has great connections with all the main suppliers and the customers know Pete will always take care of them. He’s the jack of all trades and master of many. If you get to know Pete well, you’ll see what a huge music fan he is. He collects vinyl records and is a real audiophile.
David Zuckerman   Gary Wilson  
David Zuckerman David has been a close friend of Joel Kobelin since 1967 and worked with him for years in the fastener industry prior to coming to Broward Bolt back in 2003. David has experience in all areas of the business and knows his products and the fastener industry very well. When David isn’t busy taking care of all the customers, he loves to watch sports and travel in his spare time   Gary Wilson - 26 years in fastener industry Gary has 26 years of knowledge in the fastener industry and really likes all aspects of the business. He has formed some great connections with many of the large suppliers over the years as well as the customers that he deals with on a regular basis. It is also a little known fact that Gary is a die-hard dog lover and has a Black Labrador Retriever at home named Buddy.
Lori Lantz   Patti Kobelin
Lori Lantz - Customer Service Lori came to Broward Bolt back in 2005 to help out her family during the transition period of her uncle Joel retiring and Jason Lantz taking over the business. Lori worked in diesel engine sales prior to the fastener industry and she excels at providing impeccable customer service. She always says that her customers keep her going! In her spare time, Lori loves to hang out and spend time with her family and is an avid sports fan.   Patti Kobelin - Accounts Receivable Department Patti came to Broward Bolt in 1998 from a career as a civil engineering technician. As Administrative Operations Manager, she is responsible for accounts receivable, researching credit applicants, posting payments on open accounts, following up on delinquent invoices and tracking paperwork and customer support. Her off-hours passion is art and she is an accomplished ceramic artist with works in local galleries. Patti also loves drawing, photography, gardening and vacationing in Paris whenever possible.
Jason “Shay” Schaufele   Case Silverberg
Jason "Shay" Schaufele - warehouse Jason was a diesel mechanic for four years prior to coming on board with the Broward Bolt staff in 2006. He interacts with the customers quite a bit as he is busy filling orders, pulling stock for customers, calling suppliers to find parts, everything. When he’s not working, Jason can be found surfing, fishing, and he loves playing the drums and other percussion instruments.   Case Silverberg Case has been with Broward Bolt since 2008 and the “jack of all trades, master of many”. He kind of does just about everything at work and goes where he’s needed the most to help the staff and the customers. Case always says he is fascinated that all things structural always begin and end with nuts and bolts. He loves spending time with his family and is a huge Marlins and Dolphins sports fan.
Sophia Paternina   Alice The Cat
Sophia Paternina - warehouse, packing department Sophia is tucked away in the warehouse packing department and is often so busy working that you rarely get a glimpse of her. She is a native of Columbia and has worked for Broward Bolt since 2004. When Sophia isn’t busy working, she loves listening to all types of music and also likes Latin dancing.   Alice The Cat - inspector Well folks, let’s really get down to brass tacks here and let you know who is really running the whole show out in the warehouse. Yup, you guessed it…Alice the Cat. This savvy feline comes from the streets of Pompano Beach and she has been around the block a few times before taking up permanent residency at Broward Bolt back in 2005. This is one kitty you don’t want to mess with…she has nine lives and then some!