Racing for Education
Broward County Sheriff's Office








Broward Bolt is proud to be a sponsor of the Team Sheriff Motorsports Program. Helping our community and the people who reside in our county is always of great importance to us. Back in 1995, Deputy Dean Mirra and members of the Broward Sheriff's Office started Project R.A.D.I.C.A.L. (Racing Against Drugs in Communities and Lives) along with the Team Sheriff Motorsports Program. This community group was formed for the purpose of educating children and young adults about the importance of confining illegal street-racing to the proper venue to ensure that street -racing is done on the track…… not on the streets! Deputy Mirra then joined a national organization called, Beat the Heat. Beat the Heat was formed by Sgt. Don Robertson of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in 1984. Don Robertson is currently the General Manager of Gainesville Raceway, host of the NHRA Gator Nationals. Beat the Heat unites Law Enforcement Departments throughout the United States with the common goal of promoting safe and legal drag racing through education and awareness. Broward Bolt is happy to be a part of such important efforts to educate the youth of today and help save lives through such a wonderful program.

Team Sheriff Motorsports Goals:

  • To help Educate young people of the community the real problems of illegal drug and alcohol use.
  • To educate people to the horror of alcohol or drug impaired driving.
  • To promote a better understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve.
  • To educate the general public about drag racing, specifically that drag racing is not street racing and that anyone can race on the track, not on the street.

Please check out for information about this wonderful program and how you can become a community sponsor like Broward Bolt.